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Hi! I'm Arturs Dorecovs, a young student in London, and the creator of Lost in the City. After coming up with the project idea on a walk through London with a friend in December 2019, I've spent over 3 months of working on the app and website at time of writing this.

I have so far spent over a hundred hours working on the project, working day and night, leaving time out only for school, food, and sleep. No weekends, no holidays, no long breaks from work.

Worst part? Not only did I not get paid for all the work I have put in since this is a personal project, but I've had to also pay to host the project, and will soon have to pay to advertise it to attract users.

On top of that, the current situation surrounding COVID-19 means that it would be simply irresponsible to launch Lost in the City, since its core principle is that you have to go outside and explore the city, but exploration not a worthy enough cause to break the rules of the lockdown and put other people's lives at risk. I have therefore had to make the difficult decision of simply cancelling the launch of the app, and delaying it for an uncertain length of time, which means I have to keep paying for its hosting while getting no profit or funding whatsoever.

This project is very dear to me, and I've put in my heart and soul into starting and developing it. Unfortunately, as a student with no stable income and no funding, I won't be able to fund the project on my own for long.

That's why I'm here - to ask for your help to get Lost in the City up and running. I have created a new opportunity to "adopt" a location within the Lost in the City app.

In short, it will allow you to have your name or a social username (on a platform like Instagram on Twitter) displayed within the app alongside your location of choice (106 to choose from at time of writing). If you don't want to share your name and profile, you have the option of adopting anonymously. You will also be able to access the Lost in the City before everyone else, with an exclusive launch 72 hours before the general public receives access to the app!

All it costs is a one-time payment of £12, which will earn you early access to the app, and exclusive advertising of your social profile alongside one of your favourite locations in London, all while helping me get Lost in the City up and running for the forseeable future, and give me a reason to keep working on and developing the project.

You can choose and adopt a location by visiting this Gumroad page. Please enter a valid email address when adopting, as only that address will be eligible for the 72 hours early launch, and you will need the license key that Gumroad sends you to be able to change your name or social profile that is shown in the app.

In the "social link" field, either copy and paste the link to your social media profile (e.g. to share your profile with your location; enter your name (e.g. John Doe) to only share your name, or leave it empty to adopt anonymously.

If you too are affected by the lockdown and can't afford to pay the £12 to support my work by adopting a location, donations of any size are accepted and greatly appreciated, and can be sent via this page. Donors of at least £3 will also get early access to the app, 24 hours before the general public. Please enter a valid email address when donating, as only that address will be eligible for the 72 hours early launch.

If you're a content creator on a platform like YouTube and you are happy to try out the challenge to help bring some attention to it, I would be more than happy to grant you early access to the app up to a month early to record and edit the video and release it in time for general release. Obviously this will only be possible once the lockdown is over. Please get in touch if interested, the contact link is at the bottom of the page.

Huge thank you for taking time out of your day for reading this, and I really hope you'll join me in exploring London and other cities once the world is in a better state, and Lost in the City launches.

I hope you and your family stay safe during this tough time.

Kind Regards,
Arturs Dobrecovs
Creator of Lost in the City

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The premium subscription will be available after the release of Lost in the City. Get 72 hours early access to the app by adopting a location.

  • Customise your trip with themes
  • Challenge your friends
  • Be the first to try out new features
  • Unlock 100+ locations in the game
  • Remove all advertising from the app


Find us on the Google Play Store, or use the app directly on your browser.

The app is not available to the public yet. Release date to be announced. Get 72 hours early access to the app by adopting a location.