Want to advertise your business inside our app?

After launch, we plan on releasing a set of advertising spaces throughout our app. Ads must have a title and either a short description or an icon. They can include a link that will open in the user's browser when clicked.

We have many plans for other forms of advertising and sponsorships in the future, including some for rick-and-mortar (i.e. not online-only) business locations. Please contact us for more information regarding these.

We will manually check and approve each ad displayed in our apps, to minimise the risk of spam and fake ads. Please do not apply if you intend on submitting such ads, as you will be rejected.

Please note that no advertising will be displayed to any premium users. Only non-paying users (including those on their free trial) will see your adverts.

Advertising space can be bought in different configurations, depending on the location in the app, the length of time you want to rent the space for, and whether or not you want to purchase exclusive access to the space for your set length of time. All of these factors will affect the availability and cost of our ad spaces.

Non-exclusive ads will share ad space with up to 4 other ads on a rotational basis, but if you pay extra you can purchase exclusive rights to the ad space for the running time of your campaign, so no other ads will appear alongside yours.

Daily ad space pricing decreases in cost as the length of your campaign increases, so it is often cheaper to rent the space for a longer time.

For more information or to rent an advertising space, please send us an email at

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The premium subscription will be available after the release of Lost in the City. Get 72 hours early access to the app by adopting a location.

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  • Unlock 100+ locations in the game
  • Remove all advertising from the app


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The app is not available to the public yet. Release date to be announced. Get 72 hours early access to the app by adopting a location.