No browsers, maps, or route-planning apps can be used during the challenge. You can however look at maps on signs and bus stops along your journey, or ask strangers for help.

You can:

  • look at maps on signs and bus stops
  • ask strangers for help
  • use your phone for essential functions like calling and texting

You can't:

  • use paper or digital maps
  • write down instructions from a stranger
  • copy down a map from a sign or bus stop
  • use your phone to look up directions
  • ask a stranger to look up directions on their phone

The use of public (buses, trains, etc) or private (bikes, taxis, cars, etc) transport is not allowed during the challenge. The challenge may be marked as invalid if we detect that you used some form of transport.

You can:

  • run, but a moderator may need to verify your attempt before you can share it
  • be mindful of other pedestrians, cars and cyclists when completing the challenge

You can't:

  • use public transport (e.g. buses, trains, trams, ferries)
  • use private transport (e.g. cars, taxis, bicycles)

Please avoid trespassing on private property while completing the challenge. There is no need to enter any areas restricted to staff or paying customers as simply standing near those areas will be counted as a visit.

You can:

  • stand next to checkpoints that have restricted access to be counted as a visit
  • report to us (in the challenge options) when it is not possible to enter an area

You can't:

  • go into areas where access to the public is restricted
  • use the challenge as an excuse to gain entry to a paid area for free

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