Advertise to our users by renting some space in our app

We have a few ad spaces available throughout our app.

We offer campaign slots for 1, 3, 7, or 14 days. By default, each ad spot can run up to 5 ads simulatenously, displaying them on a rotational basis throughout the day. This rotation may include some of our internal ads if not all of the spots on the rotation have been taken.

If you want only your ad to be displayed, you have the option to rent that space exclusively. This means that nobody else can rent that space for the duration of your campaign, and we won't insert any of our own ads.

We do not charge you per click or per impression, as you are renting the space, not buying the result. This means that you pay a flat fee depending on the days your campaign run on and whether or not you want the space exclusively. This payment must be paid before the campaign runs.

Daily ad space pricing decreases in cost as the length of your campaign increases, so it can be better value for money to rent the space for a longer time.

Please note that all ads are manually verified by staff to ensure that no spam or inappropriate ads are included in the rotation. Payments are only collected after verification so you won't be charged if you are rejected.

For more information or to rent an advertising space, please send us an email at

Do more with premium.

Unlock more features by becoming a premium member:

  • Customise your trip with themes
  • Challenge your friends
  • Be the first to try out new features
  • Unlock 100+ locations in the game
  • Remove all ads from the app

You can find more information about premium from within the app when we launch.